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How do I schedule an appointment and what if I am not sure of what I need?

Simply call Cooper COOPER ALLEY of Marin, California, and a service coordinator will walk you through the process. Each of our friendly and knowledgeable coordinators are eager to place you with the designer(s) who are best suited to the service you are looking for.

When should I arrive for my appointment?

We recommend that you plan to arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment in order to ensure enough time to relax, savor a latte or herbal tea and have a thorough consultation with your designer. Then get ready to enjoy the renowned "COOPER ALLEY shampoo," complete with a head and neck massage!

What if I am late for my appointment?

Depending on how late you are, there is a possibility that we may have to shorten or reschedule your appointment. If you are late and we do make time for your appointment, it will still have to end at your allotted time, so that the next scheduled client will not be delayed or inconvenienced. We thank you for your understanding.

What if I need to change or cancel an appointment?

These things happen! If you find yourself unable to keep an appointment, we request a minimum 24-hour notice for standard appointments and a minimum 72-hour notice for specified services. Clients who do not honor their appointments or cancel in less than 24 hours will be charged the full price of the scheduled service.

Will I get a confirmation call?

Appointments are confirmed with a text and an email, 72 hours before the appointment.

Is it wise to schedule my future appointments before I leave the salon?

Absolutely! Due to client demand, and the generous time allotted for each service, we highly recommend that you schedule your appointments before you leave the salon. This will ensure that all of your future needs can be accommodated at a convenient time for you and with the hair professional(s) you want.

What if I have special health considerations?

If you have any physical ailments or disabilities, it's wise to notify 1 of our service coordinators when scheduling your appointment(s). We are able to accommodate wheelchairs, broken legs, and much more. If you are having a waxing done, please let our esthetician know if you are taking antibiotics, Accutane, Retin-a, or any other prescription creams that may thin the skin causing sensitivity.

My babysitting arrangements just fell apart can I bring my children?

We are happy to provide a comfortable and safe environment for your children. If you find yourself in this situation, we recommend bringing activities for your child to ensure you, and our other clients, have an enjoyable experience.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa™, MasterCard™, and Discover™, as well as personal checks. Regretfully, we are unable to add your gratuity to credit cards or checks made out to COOPER ALLEY. For your convenience, we have an ATM machine located inside our salon. If you are using a COOPER ALLEY gift card, please ensure that you bring it with you on your appointment.

What about my eyebrows?

Eyebrows need attention too! Either schedule an appointment or just ask your designer or their apprentice to lead you to the brow bar. Tinting and shaping your brows will show off your haircut and color, while accentuating your face, just like a Hollywood movie star!

Can I get color if I am pregnant?

There are several ways to color your hair that are safe for you and your baby, but we recommend consulting your doctor when considering coloring your hair when pregnant. If your doctor gives you the green light, we make sure you have a safe experience.