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Join Our Model Program

Become part of the ever-growing team of models at COOPER ALLEY. Throughout the Marin, California, area, we support individuals interested in becoming continual participants in our training program. Models have makeup done and hair worked on or straightened for any event. By participating in our training program models benefit in a variety of ways such as:

• Exceptional Haircuts & Color at a Great Value • 10% off All Retail Products (with Appointment Only)

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How It Works

The students select their models and schedule their own appointments based on strict requirements. Every appointment will begin with a thorough consultation and is supervised by our teachers at all times. We encourage rescheduling your next appointment and trying other services offered in our training program. To find out more about our modeling program please call or fax us for additional information.

Cut & Color Model

To be an eligible model for COOPER ALLEY's advanced training program, you must be:

• Completely open to changing your cut and/or its color.
• Prepare for your appointment to last up to 2 hours for a cut and 3 hours for a color.
• At least thirteen years of age.

Additional Details

• Appointments Take 2 to Three Hours
• 48-Hour Cancellation Notice
• Models May Not Bring Children
• Cash Only
• Monday Appointments Range from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

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Service Cost

Haircut $20+
• Tint $30+
• Highlight $55+
• Highlight/Tint $65+

Model Call

This takes place every other Monday between 8:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Currently, we are seeking models and you might be just the person we are looking for. Whether you want to receive a service from one of our students during a Monday class or are interested in being a model for an event, all you have to do is come to COOPER ALLEY on a Monday, fill out an application, and we do the rest.

Model Appointments

Monday appointments are made directly with our apprentices and each appointment is crucial for advancement in the training program. Please be punctual, as students are under stringent time restrictions and have to forfeit their opportunity if you are more than 10 minutes late.

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At Cooper Alley, we require a forty-8 hour notice for canceling or rescheduling all Monday appointments. Please contact the apprentice directly when canceling an appointment, or if you are running late. When leaving a message, please remember to leave detailed contact information, including your name, phone number, and appointment date and time.

Demonstration Model

To Participate in Our Modeling Opportunities You Must Be:

• Completely Open to Changing Your Cut & Color
• Confident in front of an Audience & Comfortable in front of a Camera
• Between 13 & 30 Years of Age
• 5'8" (170cm) or Taller
• Able to Walk Confidently in High Heels
• Available for a Minimum of at Least 4 Hours

To apply, please meet the relevant criteria and submit your details, including contact information and a recent photo to our creative director thorough email.


Training Program

Gain the experience and training you deserve to succeed in this industry. Classes are held every other Monday. Demonstrations are provided on a quarterly basis. During this apprenticeship, students have the opportunity to work on photo shoots, creative workshops, and fashion shows. Quarterly reviews enable students to monitor their progress and set personal goals. The beauty education program is divided into 5 phases with each phase taking approximately 4 months to complete.


Specialized training allows you to gain an edge in your career. Our training program is departmentalized with students training in either hair cutting or color. To enroll in our apprenticeship program, apply for an open position, or for direct inquiries please call, email your resume, or contact Christel Cromeyer.

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Salon Opportunities

Our Salon is seeking inspired, eager cosmetology school graduates looking for an advanced education to start their career in a bustling, high-end, hip, yet sophisticated hair salon. If you are excited about learning from industry leaders, let COOPER ALLEY be your launch pad. We are looking for full-time employees who are professional, open to change, and who want to achieve financial success. Our proven advanced education program will take you from the basics taught in beauty school to the advanced skills needed to be a specialized, 6-figure hairdresser. We are located at the newly renovated Marin Country Mart, visible and accessible from the Larkspur Ferry. We are overflowing with opportunities and clients, which is exactly why we are searching for new team members. Come join our exciting team and let's grow together.