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Our Founders

The foundation of COOPER ALLEY was built of the experience and technical prowess of our company's founders. Based in Marin, California, we have built a company that was founded on the cutting edge innovations and hair stylist mastery.

"I believe perfection begins with the willingness to make mistakes and is realized through constant discipline and the pursuit of excellence."
-Rick Cooper

Rick Cooper

Owner, Top Stylist, & Director of Education
Rick Cooper entered the hair industry in 1985. His creative drive and passion for his profession has captivated clients, inspired his associates, and motivated hair professionals around the world. Rick began his career in San Francisco at Vidal Sassoon, and then joined the Di Pietro Todd Salon as a stylist and educator.

Vidal Sassoon was an early inspiration for Rick and has been a constant influence throughout his career. He developed his own unique method of cutting and styling by immersing himself in the philosophies and techniques from many different disciplines, blending them with his formal training from Vidal Sassoon. His willingness to share his method and philosophical approach to design with others has elevated him as a leader within our industry. Rick's pursuit of excellence and innovation ultimately led him to open Cooper Alley Salon in 2001. He envisioned the salon built upon 3 ideals: innovation, perfection, and excellence. A constant presence in the salon, Rick has built a strong team that shares his ideals.

Rick recognizes the importance of developing the technical and creative abilities of professionals within our industry. In fact, L'Oreals™ strong commitment to education has inspired him to become 1 of the first atelier director for Shu Uemura. His passion for learning, love of sharing, and pursuit of excellence pushes him to create innovative techniques, which he shares nationally through seminars, hair shows, and editorial work.

"I believe that passion is the key that allows us to express our creativity and gives us the courage to become more innovative."
-Rick Cooper

Ali Cooper

Ali Cooper trained as a color specialist at Di Pietro Todd Salon in San Francisco in 1998. As Cooper Alley's co-owner, Ali uses her diverse background to implement systems and manage the personnel within the salon. She oversees and cultivates many of the professional and business areas within the company, including systems training, employee development, human relations, career growth, and education.

Her passion for business fuels her to develop unique opportunities for every team member at Cooper Alley, as well as salon professionals within the industry. From holding business seminars, to designing innovative color techniques, to developing young professionals, Ali's many interests keep her at the forefront of the latest trends in every aspect of the hair industry.

Ali also oversees the Color Department at Cooper Alley and continues to elevate her craft through advanced education, technical development, and seminars. She continually creates new and innovative techniques that result in beautiful lustrous hair for valued Cooper Alley clients.

"I love nurturing my clients and my dedicated employees, and am eager to learn and share my knowledge with others. I also believe that every person has the power and opportunity to maximize their potential."
-Ali Cooper