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Creative, lucrative, and fulfilling are three perfectly descriptive words that our designers use when describing their careers at Cooper Alley. If you decide to enroll in our training program we promise not only will you become financially successful but also your technical and artistic skills will grow exponentially.


The scope of opportunity open to designers relies on three fundamental principles: excellent training, personal and professional growth, and the quality of their credentials. Choosing to develop your skills at Cooper Alley provides you with the highest level of these fundamental skill sets from which you can build a prosperous and exciting career.

Our team of exceptionally qualified educators will develop a career path best suited to the designer’sabilities. Our team of educators has spent countless hours creating and perfecting proven training methods, which have proven to yield instant and impactful results. Our educators focus on these time tested techniques to improve our designer’s technical and creative abilities in order to produce the most highly skilled and well-rounded professionals.


Christel Cromeyer & Sherry Kamages


With over 30 years of combined management experience, Christel and Sherry are the backbone of Cooper Alley. Their goal has always been and will always be to create the very best experience for the guest as well as the staff and their combined strengths achieve exceptional results. Cooper Alley Salon is comprehensively dedicated to education and training at every level. Together, Christel and Sherry embrace this commitment by continually developing and perfecting education opportunities for artists as well as enhancing our guest’s experience within our company. 

Education Program:

  • Classes are held every other Monday from 8:45 – 5:15.
  • Each class is approximately eight hours.
  • Junior designers are paired with senior designers to ensure success.
  • Depending on skill level, junior designers will have the opportunity to work on six models per class, twelve models per month.
  • Demonstrations are provided on a regular basis.
  • Junior designers are invited to work on photo shoots, creative workshops, and fashion shows.
  • Educators supervise the junior designers and provide class feedback to help guide them along their career path.
  • Our quarterly reviews enable our junior designers to have one on one time with management to monitor their progress and set personal goals.

Depending on your level of experience, the training program takes approximately three to six months months to complete.

To enroll in our training program, to apply for an open position, or for direct inquires please call, fax your resume, or contact:

Christel Cromeyer

Phone 415-461-1146 • Fax 415-461-1927


Advanced Training:   

Cooper Alley is dedicated to ensuring that our industry continues to develop the finest hair professionals in the world. Our classes are ideally suited to small audiences who need and want advanced education.                           

Our Design Team helps individuals as well as salons to develop and advance their skill level and meet their objectives through advanced educational classes. The classes are designed to meet a variety of goals with an emphasis on technical and creative methods specifically customized to suit your needs.

The environment allows for a high level of detailed instruction, including a demonstration as well as hands on learning. We tailor your class based on your learning requirements or business objectives. Please be aware that the demonstration must be performed on live models while the hands on portion can be either live models or doll heads, which the barbershop must provide.


Audience size / Maximum 25

Duration / six to eight hours per session