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The following is a brief outline of the steps you must take in order to become a designer at Cooper Alley:


1. You must complete a job Interview and or audition.

2. You must complete our training program.

Please email resumes to:

Step 1

If you are identified as the best fit for the position, a manager will invite you to become a Cooper Alley team member either in our advanced training program, or as a regular employee.

Step 2

Designers may be invited to an audition to helps us better understand their capabilities. If we decide that the designer’s skill level is advanced and we deem their abilities salon ready we may invite them to enroll in our vartership program. This is an accelerated program for experienced designers with extensive skill sets. If you are less experienced or perhaps a recent graduate from cosmetology school you will be invited to enter into our designer in training program to develop the skills necessary to be successful within our company.