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Modeling program

To be an eligible model for Cooper Alley's Salon Model Program, you must be:

  •  Completely open to changing your look.
  • Be prepared for your appointment to last up to two hours or more.
  • Be at least sixteen years of age.
  • Cash only
To be a Presentation Model you must also be:
  • Confident in front of an audience and in front of a camera.
  • Be between 18 and 30 years of age.
  • Be at least 5'6 or 1.7 meters or taller.
  • Be available for a minimum of at least 4 hours.


Cooper Alley supports individuals interested in becoming continual participants in our training program. By participating in our training program models benefit in a variety of ways such as:

  • Exceptional haircuts and color at a great value

  • 10% off all retail products (On the appointment day only)
  • 25% off next service for every model referral
  • Build credit by referring your friends and family to our program. For every person who comes in, mentions your name and receives a service, you will receive a 25% discount towards any future service on a class day.

Here's how it works..

Every other Monday between 9:00 and 5:00. We need models and you might be just the person we are looking for! Whether you want to receive a service from one of our students during a Monday class or are interested in being a model for an event, all you have to do is come to Cooper Alley on a Monday, fill out an application, and let us do the rest.

Model appointments:

Monday appointments are made directly with our apprentices and each appointment is crucial for their advancement in the training program. Please be punctual as the student is under stringent time restrictions and may have to forfeit their opportunity if you are more than ten minutes late.

Fees for service - CASH ONLY:

  • Haircut $25
  • Tint $35
  • Highlight $55
  • Highlight/Tint $75


Cooper Alley requires a forty-eight hour notice for canceling or rescheduling all Monday appointments. Please contact the apprentice directly when canceling an appointment or if you are running late. When leaving a message please remember to leave detailed contact information including your name, phone number, appointment date, and time.


To find out more about our model program please call, fax, or contact Christel Cromeyer at: